Help make room for Project Hope

Project Hope in Houston is returning to active status following a hiatus this summer. Many dogs had been saved from distemper this spring through the use of Dr. Al SearsNDV serum. The goal of the project has been to treat and document the recovery of distemper dogs. However, before they can return to treating dogs, Project Hope needs to find homes for these two special pups. Brindy is a distemper dog saved with the serum, and Millie was found on the streets and seriously injured. They need homes immediately. So, if you can help, please contact Jane Ward with Project Hope at or Ed Bond at Photos and brief descriptions follow.

Brindy, left, a distemper survivor, with Millie.

Millie needs a home.

Here are photos of Millie, a boxer mix puppy, and Brindy, a we-are-not-sure mix puppy.  They are like twins–and great playmates.  If someone can only take one or the other, I understand, although it will be kind of sad since the two puppies are bonded.

Millie was found wandering with a bottom jaw broken in two places.  The hinges were intact.  After surgery, she is good as new.  She has a little tiny tooth in the wrong place and lost just one bottom canine/has all of the rest of her teeth top and bottom.  Her mouth looks normal and functions fine.

Brindy had Demodex and distemper.  That was back nearly four months ago.  She has the cutest underbite and enamel hyperplasia from being a distemper survivor but you can’t tell unless you pry open her mouth. I was working on the distemper project with Dr. Alson Sears, and Brindy was a recipient of the serum. Using Interceptor daily, per Doc Sears as well, she was cleared of mange and has a beautiful brindle coat with a red sheen.  We have her on a maintenance dose twice a week.  This will need to continue until she is a year or so old. I can go and buy it and send enough along if that helps.

Both puppies are about six-seven months old. They are all people and all dog friendly.  Upbeat, happy, love life puppies.  Ideally, they would stay together in an active home.  Millie especially needs to go out and play, run, etc.  They both loved to keep me company in the kitchen/be taste-testers when I cook and play tug, keep away, etc. very well together especially.  The just gravitated toward each other.

For three or four hours, they are in a playpen (4 foot high) or Millie is crated and Brindy playpen’d but they aren’t able to go a full day without going out/attention.  They are not yet leash-trained.  I have been sick for awhile and now is recovering from a life-threatening case of anemia.

Brindy was spayed at 8 wks (unfortunately the shelter did it before we got involved) and Millie has not been yet.  She just had her first heat.

Thank you!


Petie has arrived

Dear Friends
Firstly, thank your for all your support, love and concern for Petie, it is much appreciated!
Petie arrived from Tiwan yesterday (photos attached) and I have to say I am quite smitten!   What an ADORABLE little guy!  He literally jumped out of the crate and into my arms with a great big greeting.  There are many rescues who have taken dogs from other countries but Petie is my first and therefore will always be special.  It has been a goal of mine to broaden my rescue efforts and when Petie came into my life it was the perfect time.
As you may recall from my original email, Petie lived with an alchoholic who would often beat abuse him.  He took him several times to a deserted location and left him there to die dumped but Petie, being the smart Terrier he is, found his way back each time.  Even though abused, he was still loyal!
Petie will no longer ever be abused and will no longer ever be dumped to die.  He is still in need of a temporary foster home until his foster mom returns for vacation.  Petie has been vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and examined by my vet here.  Aside from a cataract (which may require surgery) he is a healthy, happy very quirky little guy.
For adoption and or foster information, please email or all me directly at the number listed below.
Kind regards,
Mutt Match L.A.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit All Breed Rescue
Assisting Humans In Finding Their Paw’erfect Companion

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Puppies are pound-bound


Five adorable 8-week old puppies are pound-bound unless rescued.

I don’t know the details of the situation other than this: the contact person says the dog owner is her client and she is trying to find rescue for the puppies otherwise her client is going to dump them at the Lancaster, California, shelter.  She convinced her client to wait a week or two while she tries to find a rescue.  Clearly the client/dog owner needs to get the female spayed but the immediate need is rescue fro the 5 puppies- all are female and they are 8 week old boxer/lab mixes (photos attached.) Beyond cute, very adoptable…..

Please contact Sue at if you can help.

Magoo needs YOU!!

This is Magoo. He was on the list for euthanasia at East Valley Shelter after his owner dropped him off a week prior. HIS OWNER DROPPED HIM OFF TO SHELTER- knowing he would be euth listed  – blind in one eye, with  tumors but still spunky enough to demand walks and treats.

He barely was given a week! I was going there to pull a few other dogs that were approved for a transport to Seattle. Magoo was gonna go to, even though he is 9 yers old, but then the shelter told me about all his health issues. The rescue could only take healthy dogs but I did not have the heart to leave him there. I went ahead and pulled him, acting solely on emotions.  He went to the vet who confirmed what the shelter had told me. His teeth were horrible and his gums were infected.  He is blind in one eye because of a lack of tear production. Had he been given eye drops, his eye would be fine. The vet said it must have been very painful for him. A cataract is starting to form in his “good” eye. He had a few masses on his body, the biggest one was a tennis ball sized mass hanging off his chest. The dental issues was the most pressing due to the infection so I went ahead and scheduled a dental cleaning and mass removal off his chest since he’d already be under anesthesia. The estimate was between $600-800 (with a discount) if there was no need for dental extractions. Well, he had to get 7 teeth removed and the vet wound up removing two masses. My total bill (including blood work) is $1584. The great news is his masses were totally benign cysts! The bad news is I need money to pay his bills! I also really need to find him a home. He is so spunky and has a great and entertaining personality.

I know some of you are not in a position to help out either financially or by giving him a home, but if you can please, please send this e-mail to a few friends, I know together we can raise the funds needed and find him a wonderful home.

My wonderful neighbor has been helping me take care of Magoo and she has a non-profit animal charity that can accept donations for Magoo. This way you can also get a tax write off.  Donations can be made on her site Or you can donate directly to the vet, Redondo Veterinary, 541 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite D, Redondo Beach, CA 90277,  310.376.6056
If you donate directly to the vet, please let me know so I can keep track of my balance.