Give Champ a home

This  is Champ .  He is a 13 year old champion good boy!   His 83 year old human was taken to the nursing home forever, his little adorable companion shih tzu was immediately taken in.  He was left behind with the drug addict adult daughter who removed his collar and set him out in the yard with the gate open as if to say “go on get out of here”.  He stayed until a neighbor came to his aid.  The daughter said she hadn’t fed him in “a couple days”.  For all that he is sweet, calm and playful .  Even though he is very confused about where his friend and his momma went, he is willing to make new friends.

Champ needs a safe foster or a forever home.  He deserves some comfy pillows and regular meals.  He has spent most of his 13 years outside but is a well mannered guy and likes to go for walks.  He is friendly with other dogs but is a cat chaser.  If you can foster him or give him a forever home please call 323 702 4667.   Donations to Kind Hearts in Action /Under the Porch will be appreciated – but the foster home is the most important thing.


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