Petie needs a home

Hey Gang

May I introduce you a special boy named Petie, who lives in Taiwan.  Petie had been abandoned by his owner THREE times but ever loyal, he miraculously found his way home even though it was a long distance.

A local Taiwanese rescue group heard Petie’s story from a journalist, who covered his story and had it published in the newspaper. Their mission is to rescue dogs off the streets and get them to safe homes in the U.S. and Canada.  According to witnesses, Petie’s owner is an alcoholic, who used to take out his discontentment and complaint on Petie by kicking and cursing him.  Whenever he was upset, he drove Petie on his motorcycle to a deserted land and dumped him there.  But Petie wasn’t going to be left to die and managed every time to survive and find his way home.

The local rescue reports Petie is a very sweet, happy and friendly boy who can get along with ALL very well.  He is approximately 1 years old, weighs only 24 lbs, neutered and healthy.

Mutt Match L.A. would be honored to take little Petie under our wings but we MUST find a foster first.   The Taiwanese rescue is willing to pay for transport we need to raise some funds to get him checked out by our vet and find him a foster.

This little guy is a special guy indeed, very adoptable who deserves a loving home where he won’t be kicked and dumped to die  PLEASE help us help Petie!

Mutt Match L.A.
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit All Breed Rescue
Assisting Humans In Finding Their Paw’erfect Companion


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