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This is a refuge, a place where lost dogs come for safety and for love. Please help.

Under The Porch is a dog rescue and placement charity in Los Angeles that offers temporary and foster homes for stray dogs.

Dumped for the Holidays

Dec. 8, 2009

Black Friday almost took on a new meaning for this old guy and his partner. A neighbor flagged me down on my morning dog walk to tell me that there was a dead dog down the street , could I go see if I knew who it was.  Because I am the neighborhood Dog Fairy I know most of the dogs and a few people.  He was laying flat on his side in the middle of the road.  As we approached I was making oh poor doggie noises and he slowly lifted his head.  I got another neighbor to help and got him in my car and off to the emergency vet.
He was not hit by a car , the vet said that his arthritis was so incredibly bad that he must have just given up trying to walk.  No other injuries and blood work was normal. His ears were caked in dried blood from bad fly strike and he was filthy with mats all over. But home he went to be dosed with pain killers and cleaned up and given a comfy bed to sleep on.
Next morning he was up for a stumble outside and lo and behold this big reddish brown girl shows up thrilled to see him.  She licked his lips and squealed and leaned on him and when he lay down she was practically on top of him.  She hasn’t let him out of her sight since.
They are partners for sure – she doesn’t eat until he does, she keeps herself between him and the unknown, she backs off the other dogs and they both cry if you seperate them.  The consensus is that they were probably dumped in the neighborhood — he would not have been able to walk far at all — going around the block totally exhausts him.  And no one responded to the signs we put up all over the neighborhood.
They are both very sweet , but seem to have been yard dogs that didn’t get a lot of care. They are catching on quick to inside living though and have nice personalities.  They like cats a little too much – or maybe like is the wrong word.  He is responding well to arthritis treatment and goes on very short walks, she had a smelly skin problem that is clearing up – and is not spayed ( hooray !!) .  I will take care of that as soon as the vet gives her the okay. Otherwise she is healthy and playful – a little nervous at first but then she warms up.  They need a place where they can relax and be safe together and thats the challenge
If it had been just him, old creaky and sweet , all alone I would have tried to keep him.  But the two of them are too much for my household. Unfortunately I am underemployed and overwhelmed with pets.   I have  two extras who seem to defy adoption – Lulu and Jimmy, and my others(Norman ,Ruby, Trixi, Brownie, Lorelei)  need my attention too.  Not too mention the cats !
So please  if you know anyone who can either foster them or take them on permanently let me know . Vet says best guess is that he is over 10 and she is about three.  I call them Ginger and Boo, or Bilbo Baggins.  You have to see how much they love each other – its the sweetest thing, right now they are sleeping under my desk with her head on his side, both snoring away.
Thank you in advance for anything you can do !
Karen Bond
email: savedistemperdogs@yahoo.com if you can help.

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